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Reduce IC

Increase IC robustness

Improve IC performance

Design cost reduction
Mask cost reduction
Reduced manufacturing cost
Risk reduction
Faster time-to-market
Proven portability

Any ESD/EOS model
Any robustness level
Any electrical disturbance

High frequency applications
Overvoltage designs
Low power solutions
High signal voltage tolerance
Hot swap
Cold spare

Reduce IC cost

Fabless companies that integrate Sofics IP in their IC designs have been able to reduce their costs spanning across reduced design cost, reduced mask and manufacturing costs, lower risks and reduced time-to-market. 

Case studies and examples to reduce cost for each of our IP portfolio’s

Increase IC robustness

Sofics technology helps fabless designers to increase the robustness of their integrated circuits.

Get more background to increase robustness of integrated circuits for each of our portfolio’s.

Improve IC performance

For many applications IC designers cannot use the foundry provided GPIO’s or foundry ESD protection clamps. For instance, excessive leakage prevents low-power circuits. High parasitic capacitance limits interface bandwidth.

Click on the portfolio below to get examples to improve IC performance.