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Sofics, a market and world leader in semiconductor intellectual property development and licensing, is always looking for new motivated talents, as well as new horizons and applications of integrated circuits. We offer opportunities for experienced engineers as well as starters.

You will join our international team of ambitious and innovative engineers for silicon integrated circuits – analog design.

You will help to decide and to expand the roadmap.

You participate in the development of designs with new and challenging specifications and check the feasibility of certain innovations.

You introduce best design practices and flows.

You improve the level of technical expertise of yourself and the analog design and IP development team.

Unique to the very broad region, your work at Sofics includes working in the world’s most advanced FinFET technology. This is possible because of the unique relationships Sofics has established with all of today’s FinFET manufacturers.

As a member of our ambitious, innovative and international engineering team, you will be responsible for the characterization and verification of micro- and nanoelectronics structures and circuits designed in-house.

You will build the necessary measurement setups; help create the PCB design of the test board; and also write software code to control the equipment and read and correctly store the relevant data.

You will also take care of data management of the measurements and regular maintenance of various specialized equipment.

Unique to the very broad region, at Sofics you will also work in the world’s most advanced FinFET technology. This is possible because of the unique relationships Sofics has established with all of today’s FinFET manufacturers.

Depending on your own ambition and interests, within 1 to 3 years you can advance to drawing (layout) and later also designing (design) the kind of structures and circuits you measure and analyse in this job.


At first, we provide an intensive theoretical training in on-chip ESD protection in all important aspects such as strategy, layout and measurements.

This in-house training will take up to a week.

Shortly thereafter, you will be included in the engineering team and assigned to the ongoing research and development projects within our company.

Assisted by experienced ESD engineers you get to know in a very “hands-on” way all aspects of the design and development of advanced ESD solutions for the most diverse processes and applications, ranging from High Voltage technologies for automotive ICs to 3nm FinFET for the SOC (System on Chip) of tomorrow.

The specific task will therefore consist of analyzing and evaluating new patented circuits and devices designed to guarantee “system-safe” IC design for a specific application (depending on active projects during the internship).

During the internship, you will be able to rely not only on the necessary simulation software, but also on measurement results on real silicon samples.

For this we have specialized equipment available (lab in Aalter) which will enable you to perform or replicate all tests to which modern high-tech ICs are exposed.

Based on your CV and motivation letter, you are invited to a conversation at our Aalter office and asked to give a brief presentation about a technical project in which you have been closely involved in recent years.

After this sole selection round, you will be informed whether you have been chosen for an internship at SOFICS.


 Sofics provides opportunities to work on a master thesis in the field of electrical engineering.

To ensure enough time for training, we require that a thesis at Sofics is accompanied by an internship of at least 6 weeks during the preceding summer months.

This years’s subjects are:

  1. Development of a setup for on-die EMC measurements of automotive ESD protection.
  2. Design of an on-chip overvoltage-tolerant interface for digital communications.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and motivation letter to vacature@sofics.com to the attention of Mrs. Inge Vercruysse.