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Lab technician

Job opening for bachelors in electronics
Employees with this profile recently developed test boards, set-ups and programs for GPIO and automotive PHY interfaces. They were able to perform measurements and analysis on 4nm and 5nm CMOS FinFET test structures, as well as on 0.13um BCD structures. Thus, they contribute to the solutions Sofics provides to its more than 100 customers worldwide.

Currently we are mainly involved in micro and nano CMOS designs (mainstream for consumer applications), in BCD technology (mainly automotive applications) and in FinFET technology (for the most advanced applications). Everything is silicon (silicon).

As a member of our ambitious, innovative and international engineering team, you will be responsible for the characterization and verification of micro- and nanoelectronics structures and circuits designed in-house.

You will build the necessary measurement setups; help create the PCB design of the test board; and also write software code to control the equipment and read and correctly store the relevant data.

You will also take care of data management of the measurements and regular maintenance of various specialized equipment.

Unique to the very broad region, at Sofics you will also work in the world’s most advanced FinFET technology. This is possible because of the unique relationships Sofics has established with all of today’s FinFET manufacturers.

Depending on your own ambition and interests, within 1 to 3 years you can advance to drawing (layout) and later also designing (design) the kind of structures and circuits you measure and analyse in this job.

You will join an SME with an extensive international customer base, healthy finances and strong growth potential. We offer a competitive and attractive salary package with various fringe benefits; we offer the opportunity for continuous learning through both external and internal training. You will become part of our dynamic engineering team and work with top semiconductor companies worldwide.

We offer the flexibility of a start-up, the stability of an established, profitable and robust company, with facilities and benefits that match or exceed any other opportunity in our industry.

Because we value this, we operate out of a self-designed BEN (nearly energy neutral – an official label) building with spacious workstations, state-of-the-art lab and pleasant rest and meeting spaces. In addition, we facilitate a personalized mix of office and remote work.

  • You have a bachelor’s degree in electronics, IC design or similar
  • You are a motivated, efficient professional who can work both independently and as part of a team.
  • You have an eye for detail and can work meticulously and attentively;
  • Hands-on knowledge of various electronic measurement and control devices: oscilloscopes, power supplies, measurement probes, switches, relays …
  • Knowledge of a scripting language such as Python
  • Knowledge of PCB design software such as KiCAD is a plus
  • You speak and write English or Dutch fluently.
  • You are willing to relocate within commuting distance (our location is Aalter, Belgium).

Fixed contract – indefinite duration.

Location: Sofics BV – Sint-Godelievestraat 32 9880 Aalter

Apply with CV via email to vacature@sofics.com