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DecaWave licenses Sofics’ ESD solutions

DecaWave ScenSor Chip Incorporates TakeCharge ESD Protection from Sofics

Customized Approach Delivers Robust Protection, Reduced Development Costs; Low Capacitance and Leakage Support RF Transceiver IC’s High Performance

GISTEL, BELGIUM (February 22, 2012) – Dublin, Ireland-based DecaWave (www.decawave.com), the pioneering fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra wideband (UWB) technology for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), is using TakeCharge® technology from Sofics® bvba of Belgium (www.sofics.com) to protect its new DW1000 RF transceiver chip from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Sofics is a leading provider of ESD solutions for ICs.

DW1000, the inaugural product in DecaWave’s ScenSor family of ICs, began sampling in November 2011. TakeCharge was chosen for its superior ESD protection, reduced development cost, low (100fF) capacitance for maximum circuit performance, and minimal (less than 100pA) leakage in nano-CMOS.

“The DW1000 is an ultra-wideband radio transceiver used in applications such as tracking patients in hospitals or locating stock in warehouses,” said William McFadden, VP Operations at DecaWave. “It needs robust protection against the ESD hazards it may encounter in these environments, without compromising its high-speed performance. “Sofics delivered a customized ESD solution in less than a week. The integration of the TakeCharge cell went so smoothly that we were able to release the chip for sampling within three weeks.” TakeCharge was also far more cost-effective than other approaches to ESD protection.

“Sofics delivered a customized ESD solution in less than a week”

William McFadden, VP Operations at DecaWave

“Because TakeCharge technology is silicon and product-proven, our IP is available at a fraction of the shuttle cost incurred when designing a new cell,” said Sofics CEO Koen Verhaege. “In many cases we can deliver an off-the-shelf solution, or customize one for a specific IC and application, thus greatly reducing development costs and speeding time to market.

“TakeCharge was also far more cost-effective than other approaches to ESD protection”

William McFadden, VP Operations at DecaWave

“TakeCharge cells also work right from the start, eliminating the need for re-spins, and take up less silicon real estate than comparable protection schemes. In DecaWave’s design the TakeCharge cell occupied only 3000um2 of chip space.” More information on TakeCharge is available from Sofics. Details of the ScenSor DW1000 are available from DecaWave.

About DecaWave

DecaWave is a fabless semiconductor company specialising in the architecture and design of integrated circuits for communications equipment markets using/requiring the advantages afforded by ultra wideband technology. DecaWave’s flagship product ScenSor is a complete, single chip CMOS ultrawideband IC based on the IEEE 802.15.4a standard, and has applications in areas as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, smart housing, security, transport, inventory & supply chain management.

About Sofics

Sofics (www.sofics.com) focuses on product development, licensing, engineering tools and design services for on-chip device- and system-level protection and reliability. Sofics is an independent IP provider, formerly known as Sarnoff Europe.

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