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Sofics achieves TSMC 9000 milestones

TakeCharge ESD solution from Sofics earns TSMC9000 Quality approval in 65nm CMOS process

Joins PowerQubic 0.25um BCD High-Voltage IP on approved list; Other On-chip ESD/EOS solutions awaiting approval

GISTEL, BELGIUM (January 18, 2012) – Sofics, the global leader in on-chip design solutions for electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress (ESD/EOS) protection (www.sofics.com), has received TSMC9000 quality approval for its TakeCharge ESD technology for 65nm CMOS processes. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest independent dedicated semiconductor foundry, awards this designation only to on-chip IP solutions that meet stringent testing and documentation requirements.

Sofics, a TSMC IP alliance partner, previously won a TSMC9000 quality designation for its PowerQubic solution in the 0.25um BCD process. PowerQubic protects high-voltage interfaces against ESD/EOS stress from 2kV to beyond 8kV.

“Our ESD and EOS solutions are already used in over a thousand commercial ICs, but TSMC9000 approval provides an important validation of their quality,” said Koen Verhaege, Sofics CEO. “We are gratified that our first two submissions have achieved approval, and look forward to working with TSMC on other IP blocks.“

Sofics has already submitted four more CMOS and BCD IP libraries for approval. IC designers who are existing Sofics customers can see the quality ratings of approved Sofics solutions in their TSMC on-line accounts. Others can get access to this information through their TSMC account managers.

“Our ESD and EOS solutions are already used in over a thousand commercial ICs, but TSMC9000 approval provides an important validation of their quality”

Koen Verhaege, Sofics CEO

The rigorous TSMC9000 approval process is carried out under TSMC’ Library/IP quality Management Program. LQMP requires that vendors provide extensive documentation of their IP. It also arranges for shuttle tests in the TSMC foundry, and does a full analysis of their outcome before granting approval.

Additional Sofics ESD/EOS IP now undergoing the TSMC9000 approval process includes

  • 40nm CMOS at 0.9V, 1.2V, 1.8V and 3.3V
  • 130nm CMOS at 1.2V and 3.3V
  • 0.25um BCD at 40V and 60V
  • 0.18um BCD at 18V, 24V, 32V and 40V

Sofics offers a broad range of ESD/EOS solutions that may be implemented in TSMC processes, including cost-effective, off-the-shelf IP; over-voltage tolerant designs; high-performance, low-capacitance interfaces; system-level protection schemes; and comprehensive design and customization services. More information is available at the Sofics website.

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Sofics (www.sofics.com) focuses on product development, licensing, engineering tools and design services for on-chip device- and system-level protection and reliability. Sofics is an independent IP provider, formerly known as Sarnoff Europe.

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